Adam K. Wanekaya
Professor of Chemistry, Missouri State University, Springfield MO.
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Riverside CA.
Ph.D Chemistry, State University of New York, Binghamton NY.
Masters Degree; Chemistry, University of Nairobi, Kenya.
Bachelors Degree; Chemistry Major, Biology Minor,  University of Nairobi, Kenya.


Allison Freese

Bachelors Degree expected in 2018

Masters Degree expected in 2019


John Cleek III

Bachelors Degree expected in 2018


Megan Prado

Bachelors Degree expected in 2020


Celia Garcia-Hernandez

Ph. D Degree expected in 2019 

Masters in Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, University of Valladolid, Spain (2015)

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, University of Salamanca, Spain ​(2011)

Previous members
Molly Duszynski, BS 2017, Masters student at Missouri State University

•Aaron Simpson, BS 2013, MS 2016, QC Chemist at Coastal Energy Corp, Miller MO

•Tyler Coonis, BS 2016, Manager at Fedex, Springfield MO

•Hillary Mitchell, BS 2015, currently a Ph. D student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison WI.

•Jam Webber, BS 2014, Analytical Chemist at Midwest Compliance Labs, Terre Haute IN

•Geoffrey Manani, MS 2014, Lead Chemist at Rhomar Water, Springfield MO

•Ramyah Aaryasomayajula, MS 2013, Chemist at Biswas Lab, Houston TX

•Ryan Spidle, BS 2010, MS 2012, Chemist at AOC-Resins, Collierville TN

•Christopher Conkling, BS 2012, went to Belmont University Pharmacy School, currently a Pharmacist at Rite Aid, Atlanta GA

•Taylor Reynolds, BS 2012, QA/QC Director at Aegis Chemical Solutions, Midland TX  

•Mark Hobbs BS 2012

•Chungling Cao BS 2012

•Carrie Elliot BS 2011

•Niral Patel BS 2010, Research Analyst II at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Vanderbilt TN.

•Daniel Kim BS 2010, went to Harvard Medical School, Resident Physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital

•Tiffany Severs MS 2010, Instructor at Ozark Technical College, Springfield MO

•Brendan Marshall BS 2010

 ​Manelich Luna BS 2010

•Jeffrey Morton BS 2009, Instructor at Ozark Technical College, Springfield MO

•Keith Henry BS 2008, Chemist at Elanco, Kansas City MO

•Sagar Tolani MS 2008, went to a Ph. D program at the  University of Wisconsin,  currently a teacher at Milwaukee Public Schools

•John Ofosu, Chemist at Bayer, Shawnee KS

•Robert Lee, Teacher at Rodgers Public Schools, Rodgers AR

•Steve Caudle